Thursday, March 27, 2008


Ikaruga was dated for the Xbox live arcade!!!

April 9th for japan.

Get ready for pure uncensored awesome.


ZPotts said...

Yeah, that's pretty sweet for those guys. I got it back on the GCN a few years ago, and its pretty much awesome. Super f'ing hard......but awesome. But mostly hard...:'(

The polarity system is cool though, and watching videos of people playing on say, youtube, is friggin ridiculous.

Hampig said...

I've been looking for it on the gc for forever, lucky, anyways this is extremely good news for me.

and yeah, I've watched some youtube videos too. Crazy stuff.

ZPotts said...

Yup, I had major trouble finding it on GCN, but I got lucky after calling a bunch of places and searching for forever. ......or wait.....I think I actually gave up and ended up getting it on eBay....oh wells.