Monday, March 31, 2008

Welcome, Master System!

Today's Virtual Console update isn't that overly exciting, but it has the first Sega Master System arrival:

Cruis'n USA (N64 - 1000 Points)
haha, i bet this looks better than the new Cruis'n that released on Wii!

Wonder Boy (Master System - 500 Points)
aka, Adventure Island (which is on the VC already), maybe you'll want this for the novelty that its on the Master System. Personally, i have Adventure Island, its a fun game, but i'd rather wait for Phantasy Star if I really want a Master System game. ... Wierd that it's not 400 like Sega said most VC Master System games would be... i mean this game is technically already available......

via Nintendo

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ZPotts said...

Yeeeaaah...I've been personally disappointed by the VC lately...garg. They need to release some good games.